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Adobe is an American software company.

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Adobe Illustrator

Category of tools in the toolbar



1. Selection Tool(V)
2. Direct Selection Tool (A)
3. Magic Wand Tool (Y)
4. Lasso Tool (Q)
5. Pen Tool (P)
Add Anchor Point Tool (+)
Delete Anchor Point Tool (-)
Anchor Point Tool (Shift+C)
6. Curvature Tool(Shift+~)
7. Type Tool (T)
Area Type Tool
Type on a Path Tool
Vertical Type Tool
Vertical Area Type Tool
Vertical Type on a Path Tool
Touch Type Tool (Shift+T)
8. Line Segment Tool (/)
Arc tool
Spiral tool
Rectangular Grid Tool
Polar grid tool
9. Rectangle Tool (M)
Rounded Rectangle tool
Ellipse Tool (L)
Polygon Tool
Star Tool
Flare tool
10. Hand Tool (H)
11. Shape Builder Tool (Shift+M)
12. Gradient Tool (G)
13. Eyedropper Tool (I)
14. Zoom Tool (Z)
15. Fill & Stroke (X)
16. Erase Tool (Shift +E)
17. Blend Tool (W)
18. Artboard Tool (Shift+O)

adobe Illustrator Tools

Adobe Software List: The Complete Guide for Creatives

  1. Photoshop — Photo editing software
  2. Illustrator — Industry-standard vector graphics software
  3. Acrobat Pro — Collaborative PDF creating and editing tool
  4. InDesign — Layout and page design software
  5. Premiere Rush — A simpler video editing app
  6. Adobe XD — All-in-one UI/UX design tool
  7. Adobe Aero — Augmented reality software
  8. Adobe Animate — 2D animation software
  9. Adobe Stock — Royalty-free photos, illustrations, and videos
  10. Premiere Pro — Leading video editing software
  11. After Effects — Motion graphics and visual effects animation software
  12. Lightroom — Cloud-based photo editing software
  13. Adobe InCopy — Collaborative word processor for copywriters and editors
  14. Adobe Audition — All-in-one audio workstation
  15. Adobe Document Cloud — The world’s leading PDF and electronic signature solutions
  16. Adobe Dreamweaver — Responsive website design software
  17. Adobe Substance – (3D Stager, Painter, Sampler, Designer) — The ultimate 3D design tool to build real-time scenes
  18. Adobe Fonts — Unlimited fonts for personal and commercial use
  19. Adobe Experience Cloud – Personalized customer experience solutions from content to campaign management
  20. Adobe Fresco — Digital art app for iPhone and iPad
  21. Adobe Dimension — Create photorealistic scenes
  22. Adobe Creative Cloud Express

Adobe Total Software


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