SSC-HSC Certificate Name Correction apply process 2024

SSC-HSC Certificate Name Correction apply process 2024. In order to correct the mistake of name or date of birth, first, a notary or affidavit has to be made through a lawyer. If the candidate has not attained the age of 18 years or if the candidate wishes to correct the name of his / her parents, then a non-judicial stamp has to be affidavit by the father of the candidate from the first-class magistrate or notary public. If you write by hand, they will catch your mistake. So today I will just write about the online process. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

hsc certificate name correction. Name Correction is Simple Then Before So If you don’t know how you can do name correction then simply you can watch this on my website. This is conveniently online. If the candidate is more than 18 years of age in case of correction of his own name, he can affidavit himself. Because there is nothing to flip from here.  

HSC Certificate Name Correction 2024

আবেদেন ফি ৫৫৮×2= ১১১৬ টাকা (এস.এস.সি ও এইচ.এস.সি)
সার্টিফিকেট উত্তলন ফি ৫৫৮×২= ১১১৬ টাকা (২টি)
মার্কশিট ৫৫৮*২ = ১১১৬ টাকা

পেমেন্টস ২ ভাবে করা যায়

ব্যাংক পেমেন্ট- সোনালি ব্যাংকে পেমেন্ট করলে ৫৫৮।
বিকশা পেমেন্টস করলে – ৫০৯ টাকা।

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Corrections can be made both online and offline. However, I would suggest online to work hassle-free without brokers or any third party. The notification specifies the name of the candidate’s certificate, father’s name, mother’s name, branch, year of examination, name of examination center, roll number, board name, and date of birth which you want to correct (candidate’s name, father’s name, mother’s name or date of birth).

Your entire process will take 143 days to complete. So you have to have a little patience to do the job online without any kind of lobbying + without paying any extra money. And remember, the satisfaction you get when you work legitimately is nothing else. And now it’s easier, no need to run around with files on someone’s table. Thanks.

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