Uttara Bank Ltd. Exam Questions Solution 2024

Uttara Bank Ltd. Exam Questions Solution.  Uttara Bank Ltd. The written Test Question Solution is given below. Uttara Bank Ltd. all interested candidates look at it. Uttara Bank Ltd. Please stay turn our website jobsnotice24.com for getting more all categories of jobs circular, exam results, MCQ Test Date & Admit Card Download. Uttara Bank Limited (UBL) is a Private Bank in Bangladesh. Uttara Bank Exam Question Solution 2022 has been published. Written Test Question Solution get to find our website jobsnotice24.com.

Uttara Bank Exam Questions Solution

যুগ্ম শব্দের উচ্চারণ কোনটি? উত্তরঃ জুগ্ মো  

বেগম শব্দটির উৎস কোন ভাষা? উত্তরঃ তুর্কি  

অব্যয় পদ কত প্রকার? উত্তরঃ চার প্রকার 

চর্যাপদের প্রথম পদের রচয়িতা? উত্তরঃ লুইপা 

তটিনী এর সমার্থক শব্দ কোনটি? উত্তরঃ নদী 

My sister is good …… English. উত্তরঃ At

The synonym of “Decline” is? উত্তরঃ Diminish

 There wasn’t much unity ….. the council members. উত্তরঃ among

 Synonym of “Triumph” উত্তরঃ Victory

Uttara Bank Ltd. Exam Questions Solution


Post: Probationary Officer

Written Exam Date:  2022

Written Exam Time: 3.00 PM to 4.30 PM

Full Question Solution Given Below :



From several apples, a man sells half the number of existing apples plus 1 to the first customer, sells 1/3 of the remaining apple plus 1 to the second consumer, and sells 1/5 of the remaining apple plus 1 to the third consumer. He then finds that he has 3 apples left. How many apples did he have originally?

The number of apples =x
He sells apples to the first customer
Remaining Apples
He sells apples to the second customer
Remaining apples
He sells the third customer
Remaining apples
According to the question,
Or, x=20


Uttara bank question
Uttara bank question



A farmer sold a cow & Ox for Tk 80,000 and got a profit of 20% on the cow & 25%on the ox. If he sells the cow and the ox for tk.82,000 and got a profit of 25% on the cow and 20% on the ox. Find the individual cost price of both. [Uttara Bank _PO_2018]
The cost price of a cow be x tk
The cost price of Ox be y tk
According to the first condition,
120%x + 125% Y=80,000
Or, 120x +125y=80,000*100
Or, 24x+25y=16,00,000……….(i)
Again, Second condition
125%x + 120%y= 82,000
Or, 125x + 120y=82,000*100
Or, 25x +24y=16,40,000———-(ii)
600x + 625y=4,00,00,000
600x + 576y=3,93,60,000
Or, 49y=640000
Or, y=13061.22
Putting the value of y=13061.22 equation (i)=»
Or, 24x =1600000-326530.61
Or, 24x=1273469.4
Answer:53061.22 TK & 13061.22 TK.

Below of Uttara Bank Limited Written Question


UBL Exam Questions Solution

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